Travel Services

Who to See: All Nurses

Before travelling overseas, it is important to be aware of the possible health risks and how to prevent problems, or minimise the chances of them occurring. Most importantly, you should know:

  • whether there are any specific health risks in the country you are travelling to for which you need to take precautions - for example, malaria
  • how to avoid becoming ill when you are abroad
  • what to do if you do become ill when you are abroad
  • how to get emergency medical treatment when you are abroad

Our travel services offer advice on travel illnesses and a full range of vaccinations. In order for you to prepare for travel, call reception to make a travel appointment. 

All travel appointments will be with one of the Nursing Team.
When booking the appointment please tell the Receptionist that it is for travel as a double-appointment is required.
This service is free of charge to patients registered with our practices.

Anti-malarial medication is prescribed on the NHS in Southwark so will potentially incur a prescription charge at the chemist - depending on your eligibility for free prescriptions.

We are a Yellow Fever Centre and can offer this vaccination at a cost of:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination with Certificate £60.00 for patients registered with Nexus, £70.00 for non-registered patients
  • Replacement Yellow Fever Certificate £20.00
  • Meningitis. A,C,W,Y vaccination £45.00, no charge for children
  • Hepatitis B (when not combined with Hepatitis A) £75.00 (also includes pre-post blood test with printout confirming immunity to Hepatitis B)
  • Varicella £45.00
  • £10 for Replacement of Travel Vaccination Record Booklet

Please note we do not take card payments at both sites. We take payment by cheque or cash. If you are paying by cheque please make it out to MANOR PLACE SURGERY. If you are paying by cash, we would appreciate if you could bring the exact amount of change.

There is no charge for other travel vaccinations. 

If you are travelling abroad you will need to start thinking about your travel vaccinations 4-6 weeks before you're due to leave as some vaccinations can take time to become effective.

For more information please visit the websites below:

External Websites:

Travel Illnesses and Vaccinations - NHS Choices

Fit for Travel

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FCO Travel Advice


Videos from NHS Choices:

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