Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The purpose of the PPG is to feed back its views and agree with the practice any priority areas for change. The practices will be seeking views from registered patients through the use of local practice surveys and with the help of our PPG we hope to establish the opinions of our patients on services provided by the practice and local NHS. It is our intention to develop a virtual PPG; an email community with which we will engage regularly.

Have an opinion or ideas on how to improve general practice? Come and have a chat and a cup of tea!

NAPP E-Bulletin

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Patient Champion Newsletter January 2020

Nexus Health Group Service Update

Nexus Health Group Service Update January 2020

Nexus Health Group Open Day on 18th February 2020

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  • Nexus Podcast – February Patient Champions and CQC recognises our improvements

Open Day on 10th December 2019

Nexus PPG Podcast June 2020: Nika Mencel, Operations Manager

Patient Engagement Terms of Reference

Please read our Terms of Reference for the PPG.

Patient Experience Network

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