Patient Participation Group

Both Practices run a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which is a group that is representative of the patients registered at the surgery.

Have an opinion or ideas on how to improve general practice? 

Come and have a chat and a cup of tea!

Next Patient Meeting:

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The purpose of the PPG is to feed back its views and agree with the practice any priority areas for change. The practices will be seeking views from registered patients through the use of local practice surveys and with the help of our PPG we hope to establish the opinions of our patients on services provided by the practice and local NHS. It is our intention to develop a virtual PPG; an email community with which we will engage regularly. 

The PPG can potentially influence decisions on service development and provision.

If you would like to join your Practice's PPG you can:

  • contact the surgery using our EMIS ACCESS messaging facility
  • call the Practice Manager and express your interest. You will then be invited to the next available meeting
  • or you can email your practice, addressing your email to the Practice Manager

Anyone who is a registered patient at either Practice can apply to join the PPG. However the Practice does have a right to refuse an individual if it considers it is in the best interest of the individual or the Practice.

Patient Participation Group Information:

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