Nexus Health Group Partners

Nexus Health Group was formed as a partnership on the 1st August 2016, following the merger of four existing partnerships: Aylesbury Partnership, Bermondsey & Lansdowne Medical Mission, Princess Street Group Practice and the Walworth Partnership. 

The partners of Nexus Health Group are: 

  • Ms Catherine Arden
  • Dr Jean Marc Baudet
  • Dr Kenny Chan
  • Ms Lin Clarke
  • Dr Jane Doherty 
  • Dr Lorraine Foley 
  • Dr Venetia Herzmark
  • Dr Stefan Lipinski
  • Dr Claire Lloyd
  • Dr Neal Murphy
  • Dr Osonua Olefumi
  • Dr Robin Rastogi
  • Dr Ben Sangowawa
  • Dr Sam Soo
  • Dr Amr Zeineldine